„Jutta und Reginald Blümmel from Mannheim-Secken-heim run a Teddy-Bear-Store as well as a fabric & supply-mailorderservice by the same name since 1994.

Jutta Blümmel started this business, by making a teddy-bear named „Tom“ for her son Benedikt, who just had turned 6 years old in 1990. It did not take long and „Tom“ was accompanied by many others.

In April 1990 Jutta Blümmel started to share her love and knowledge of Teddy-bear-making with Teddy-Lovers at adult-akademies and evening classes and seminars. Because of the big demand, she needed more fabrics and supplies. Jutta Blümmel intensified her research over half a year in finding companies for best qualities and hardware.

Following this she opened a Teddy-Bear-Speciality-Shop in August 1994 in Mannheim-Seckenheim. There- you as a bear-lover- will find the most exclusive bears, designed by well-known Bear-Artists, industrial manufactured Bears and everything else which is anusual and enjoyable.

Delightful for your eyes.

At this place, the bearmakers can order anything they need to affordable prices.

In 1996 „ Bärenstübchen“ went under contract with a wellknown fabric-company (Steiff-Schulte-Fabrics), to insure artists and bearmakers to receive best qualities of materials at attractiv prices.

In September 1997 the little cosy bear-facility had to move to a bigger space. It expanded to 200+ qm and carried more than 1000 different articles. Now you can choose between 300 kinds of mohair & straight-pile-materials (Fabrics)

Come and see!


You also can find „Bärenstübchen“ at shows around the country and in other European countries.

The „Kurpfälzer Bear Meeting-Organization“ encourages to meet once each year at the end of February or beginning of March. It is a tradition for 21 years now!

If you cannot attend these meetings, you have the opportunity to order by catalog.

We will send you samples of fabrics, pricelists and miscellaneous.

You mail $10 or £6 or € 5,00 VISA/Mastercard .Profi-Catalog € 20,—

If you have a business you will receive our discount prices.



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